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Lights. Camera. Lasers. Action!

we stock LED controllers that allow you to create sophisticated light shows for your guests.


!Lighting devices for rent! Disco quality

Disco in your place...

A real disco mood..


Party Lighting Rental

We illuminate a stage or dance floor,

Your Walls & Tables will shine!!


Paint with light!

Anywhere You want!

Floor to Ceiling! 

video friendly lighting

Do you need pyrotechnics, LED displays, a disco ball, dryice ,festoon lights or lasers?   

Beautifull lighting complex!


All of our kit can be delivered, installed and dismantled

by our team of qualified, professional technicians, 

who can also provide advice on the best options for your specific requirements

, and are on hand to build bespoke packages. 

Unlimited lighting Creativity

Endless creativity 

With flawless up to date technology!

You are in control!

Complete Control in your hands..

If you are a DJ ..Then are in heaven with Bandix ..

Bandix lighting

It's all about the atmosphere when it comes to events.


Welcome to Bandix company website.

Lighting can play several entertainment-related roles at your special event. For example, you can use traditional spotlights or light strips to illuminate a stage or dance floor. You can also use lighting fixtures outfitted with modern LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for the same purpose. LEDs give you the added advantage of projecting white or colored light from a single source. In addition, you can use a type of light called a gobo light to produce special patterned effects on walls and stage backdrops.


Lighting Rental

Lighting Rental

Truss - Moving Head - LED Wall - Leko - LED par - Effects - Laser ...

Delivery and Instlation

Delivery and Instlation

we will delivery and install best Equipment and full DJ setup in your events

Design and programing

Design and programing

Design and program All Lighting systems and LED Wall

pefessional Lighting System and Full DJ setup

Wash Lights

Clay paky wash



DJ booth Designs


music video


Stage Design

Spote light



music video

beafor & after


UP Lighting

LED pars

American DJ Spote

Circle Truss



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